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Know Sri Lanka


Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

National Flag

Emblem / Coat of Arms

District Political Map

Location Map

Capital: Colombo ( Kotte)

Official Language: Singhalese

Recognized Languages: Tamil / English

Ethnic Groups( 2012) :

Singhalese – 74.9 %

Tamils – 11.2 %

Moors – 9.2 %

Indian Tamils – 4.2 %

Others( Veddas, Burgers, Malays, Chinese) – 0.5 %

Religion( 2012) :

Buddhism – 70.2 %

Hinduism – 12.6 %

Islam – 9.7 %

Christianity – 7.4 %

Other/ None – 0.1 %

Population(2018 estimate ):

21,670,000 [57th w/r]

Area: 65,610 km[120th world rank]

Water: 4.4 %

Average Temperature: 27 Celsius

[ Max: 35 C / Lowest: 12 C ]

Time zone : UTC +05:30

Currency: LKR ( Rs.)

Top Things to do in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka. Here are the very reasons that you need to visit the Jewell of the Indian ocean. This beautiful paradise is becoming an increasingly desirable travel destination thanks to its unique culture, 3000 years living historical sites, vibrant landscapes, abundant wild life, tempting local cuisine and of course warmly welcoming locals. Resent renovations to the country’s transport networks are making Sri Lanka more accessible than ever. And its scenic routes are some of the most beautiful in the world. Come! Explore the true paradise island.

– Sri Lanka is Lonely Planet’s Top destination in 2019

– Did you know?

“The Arrival of Mihindu Thero in 237 BC is the most important turning point of Sri Lankan Culture and History.”

Now you Know ♥

06. Kandy

Kandy Tooth relic temple

– Kandy Tooth relic temple

Standing out from other regions, Kandy has a very special place in Sri Lankan attractions. It is the heart of Sri Lankan culture and the last realm of Sri Lanka. Center of attractions in Kandy is the Tooth relic temple and Royal palace which bares the tooth of lord Buddha. City of Kandy is an attraction itself. Centuries old Royal and Colonial influenced architecture, city centering lake, billion dollar hill country views will make you fall in love with this authentic medieval city. So, you should definitely have a top spot for Kandy in your bucket list.

Things to do in Kandy

05. Tropical Beaches

Imaduwa Beach - Wadduwa

– Imaduwa Beach – Wadduwa

To be honest this is the original reason any traveler would want to visit Sri Lanka. The Crystal blue beaches! Since Sri Lanka is an Island of course you have plenty of beaches to visit anywhere you go. Imagine drinking a chilled coconut looking at sunny clear blue sky under the tropical shade by the beach !! These Beaches will make your vacation a dream coming true.

Top Class Ceylon Beaches

04. Safari

Male leopard at Yala park

– Male leopard at Yala park 

Wild life plays a huge role uplifting Sri Lanka to a world class travel destination. World’s largest living creature the Blue Whales, Dolphins, Asian gentle giants ( Elephants), endemic Panthera Kotiya ( Leopard) together with hundreds of endemic bird species provides Sri Lanka one of best lands to witness natural bio diversity. Island is also famous for it’s highly dense and ample wild life due to country’s proper legislation system in protecting them. It’s strictly prohibited to hunt on Sri Lankan soil.

Ella train ride

– Ella train ride

Your vacation to Sri Lanka is never complete unless you tried the amazing train ride to the hill country. This is a must to during your time in Sri Lanka together with epic trek to Diyaluma falls and witnessing billion dollar views of Ella region. Also do not forget to visit a tea factory. There are plenty in the hill country and the processing is a big deal than just sipping a tea cup, so definitely worth visiting.

Dambulla temple wall arts

– Dambulla temple wall arts

Buddhism is the personality of Sri Lanka! This religion has influenced the lives of the locals for better for last 2 millennia. Not only Sri Lanka has hundreds of colorful temples; the color these temples given to locals are far more deep rooted. Singhalese culture is purely based around practices of Buddhism and temple. Undoubtedly you should know what Sri Lankan culture is and why are they proud of it. Only way to find out is by visiting these amazing temples. The charm it will give will last long than you imagine.

Before unveiling our Top Pick

Before reaching the peak, here are some equally, honorary important and amazingly beautiful attractions that contributes towards bringing Sri Lanka to a top most travel destination of the the world.

Our Top Pick…

Ever Since Sri Lanka was found by Indo Aryans, country faced hundreds of invasions from all over the world due to island’s strategic land location. This made all the Singhalese kings to fortify the country with most strongest equipment and men. Singhalese were eventually became a nation ready to defend it’s land over life. These fortresses are a true symbol to reveal the mighty history Sri Lanka had and our heroes who defended the country. Top most attraction of Sri Lanka goes as an honorable remembrance of country’s mighty Kingdoms and heroes who fought to protect the nation.

01. Mighty Fortresses

Sigiriya Fortress

– Sigiriya Fortress

Island’s Topmost Attractions