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Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

National Flag

Emblem / Coat of Arms

District Political Map

Location Map

Capital: Colombo ( Kotte)

Official Language: Singhalese

Recognized Languages: Tamil / English

Ethnic Groups( 2012) :

Singhalese – 74.9 %

Tamils – 11.2 %

Moors – 9.2 %

Indian Tamils – 4.2 %

Others( Veddas, Burgers, Malays, Chinese) – 0.5 %

Religion( 2012) :

Buddhism – 70.2 %

Hinduism – 12.6 %

Islam – 9.7 %

Christianity – 7.4 %

Other/ None – 0.1 %

Population(2018 estimate ):

21,670,000 [57th w/r]

Area: 65,610 km[120th world rank]

Water: 4.4 %

Average Temperature: 27 Celsius

[ Max: 35 C / Lowest: 12 C ]

Time zone : UTC +05:30

Currency: LKR ( Rs.)

– Sri Lanka is Lonely Planet’s Top destination in 2019

– Did you know?

“The Arrival of Mihindu Thero in 237 BC is the most important turning point of Sri Lankan Culture and History.”

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Top Things to do in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka. Here are the very reasons that you need to visit the Jewell of the Indian ocean. This beautiful paradise is becoming an increasingly desirable travel destination thanks to its unique culture, 3000 years of living historical sites, vibrant landscapes, abundant wildlife, tempting local cuisine, and of course warmly welcoming locals.

Recent renovations to the country’s transport networks are making Sri Lanka more accessible than ever. And its scenic routes are some of the most beautiful in the world. Come! Explore the true paradise island.

Ever Since Sri Lanka was found by Indo Aryans, the country faced hundreds of invasions from all over the world due to the island’s strategic land location. This made all the Singhalese kings fortify the country with the strongest equipment and men. Singhalese eventually became a nation ready to defend its land over life.

These fortresses are a true symbol to reveal the mighty history Sri Lanka had and our heroes who defended the country. The topmost attraction of Sri Lanka goes as an honorable remembrance of the country’s mighty Kingdoms and heroes who fought to protect the nation...