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Mirissa Beach

Mirissa Beach

Crystal Blue Mirissa Beach


Mirissa Beach( SInghalese : මිරිස්ස – Mirissa) is a small local Sri Lankan village town located in the south coast. It can be recognized as one of most beautiful beaches in the southern region. Also enriched with many related activities to attend to including its night parties. Mirissa is fame for its limitless sheer beauty which a beach can be due to its crystal blue water, white sand, never ending summer and long beach belt. The waves are so smooth and beach is looking purely untouched making you feel the vibes of a true paradise in your heart and soul.



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One of top beaches in Sri Lanka located in south coast of the island

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Yet; you will not believe if some one say beach is not the best attraction Mirissa has to offer. But its true. There is a hidden Diamond. Mirissa is the best spot in South Asia for Whales watching! And one of highly probable destinations of spotting a whale in the entire world. Out of World’s 80 whales species, you can spot nearly 26 species in Mirissa waters. The local fishing harbor is converted to a whales watching passenger hub. Sri Lankan tourist board has organized for the activity massively taking all precautions in safety of travelers.


Surfing in Mirissa Beach

Third reason why Mirissa is the best! It is the second best spot in the country for surfing! Mirissa bay is the ideal location which is right next to main attraction Mirissa crystal beach. The natural waves are perfect for surf lovers and enriched with surf gear joints. So you don’t have to worry about renting a one or repairing your board in Mirissa.

Not only its naturally gifted treasures, Mirissa is a sophisticated attraction for travelers with beach restaurants, iconic beachfront resorts, surf learning spots, local traditional events and island wide transport services. The beach restaurants are a highlight, where you can have your dinner in candle light under the stars, burring feet in the sand with the background wave swashing song of Indian ocean’s. Also in restaurants does not provide Menu cards for sea food dishes. Instead, you get to choose your favorite fish right away from the fisherman’s table and arrange it as you wish, so you really know the quality before you even taste it.




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