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Ella Train Ride

World’s most scenic Ella train ride

It says if you haven’t been on this Ella train ride, your trip in Sri Lanka is never complete. Yeah it’s true. Its the best part of being in Sri Lanka for some travel enthusiasts. Instagram and YouTube is exploding with the posts of being themselves on this Ella train ride. Riding on a Sri Lankan train itself is an adventure. All opened doors and windows make your mind jumping and pumping out of joy and adventurous mood. Cold breeze, sunlight added with billion dollar epic mountain views passing by ongoing noisy train is one of a lifetime experience.



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World’s one of most scenic train rides via chilling hill cpuntry mountains

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Hanging out from a running train door or window may not be so smart. But if you know your limit and aware of danger of a running train; Yes you are safe to have this experience. This will take you to a world so synced with passing by nature mixed with thriller adventure that other passengers don’t experience. Passing by lush forests, endless tea fields, centuries old stations hidden in thick fog, bridges and tunnels are so stunningly beautiful that takes you so far from your miseries.




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