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Diyaluma waterfall sri lanka

Diyaluma Falls

Adventurous Diyaluma Falls

Considered as Sri Lanka’s second highest waterfall, Diyaluma falls is 720 feet ( 220 meters) tall and holds the 360th world rank in height. Located 35 to 40 kilometers from famous Ella village it takes approximately one and half hours to reach to the waterfall sighting area. This waterfall stands as an absolute wander, thrillingly tall and become more and more bizarre walking towards the fall. The rock plateau based the waterfall wall is absurdly sky high over 200 meters straight to top. Due to this sheer height, water is falling all the way down without any barriers giving a distinctive mighty appearance.



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Most adventurous attraction of all of Sri lanka. Diyaluma waterfall hike to top most point.

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Whats so epic about this waterfall is that recently villagers in the area promoted a path to trek to the top of this giant. The scenery from top is an absolute gift from mother nature. It can literally stop someone’s heart for 2 reasons. One is the underlying landscape endlessly covered by thick jungle vegetation and sketches of misty mountains bordering in the horizon. Two is the frightening look of the sheer drop of the cliff making your legs shake and head dizzy no matter how adventurous you are. Even though travelers from all over the world have seen so many exotic waterfalls decides to change their rankings to give “Mighty Diyaluma” a top spot, mostly number One!


It is a series of Waterfalls

Done with the first one? Here comes the second. The Upper Diyaluma waterfall ! Now here comes the real adventure. Walk right in to the thick and untouched forest about 1 kilometer upstream, you will be stunned, amazed, mesmerized, will fall on your knees by the absolute beauty of Upper Diyaluma waterfall! Saying it again! It is the most beautiful waterfall you will ever see in your lifetime period. Not only due to it’s beauty, but also due to its plain sight standing all alone in the middle of thick jungle hidden from vegetation, this beauty is made with a formation of 3 steps with a natural pool as the base making water pour in a most breathtaking way. You should definitely have a bath in this base pool as it will be a life long memory. For most, it can the best bath of life and easily best day of the life as well.




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