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Bahirawakanda temple

Bahirawakanda Temple

Bahirawakanda Temple


Bahirawakanda Temple Buddha Statue is one of the most iconic sceneries in Kandy city. When you are exploring the city, this white glared sculpture located on top of the Bahirawakanda mountain can be seen from anywhere you go. The charm it brings to the city and people will easily mesmerize your heart as well with its sheer allure synced with mountain land escape.



Even though the temple has a centuries-old history, this iconic statue was built in 1972. With a Hight of 88 feet, this statue is considered one of the tallest Buddha statues in Sri Lanka. However, with the height of it’s based iconic mountain, this buddha statue is the highest located Idol in the country.

Why visit & when to visit Bahirawakanda Temple

The importance of visiting this place will be a thirst once you witness the idol from the Kandy city lying beneath the mountain. Your curiosity will be mostly to witness the Kandy city from that point, which is you are not wrong. The view from the temple of underlying landscapes and the city is stunning. The endless blue mountain lines, misty mountain tops, cold breeze, and calm surrounding gives you the absolute relaxation of leisure. Kandy city is lying in-between unveiling its centuries-old proud history with the traditional & colonial architecture centering the Bogambara lake. Not to say that you are in a holy temple, you will be remembered these moments for a long time.



If you are visiting the Tooth relic temple, Bahirawakanda temple is only 1.2 kilometers away from there. The best time to visit the temple in the evening time approx. 5 pm. The temperature and atmosphere are more welcoming during the evening. But most important of that time is the sheer beauty of the city view with the glared city lights. The highlighted city, the brightly lit streets, softly glared mountains is a one-of-a-kind experience you can have from here. The inevitable soft Buddhist chantings flow continuously to the calm nature from surrounding temples bring absolute harmony to your ears.


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