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We believe our niche, focusing on couples, families or group of friends can have the best experience allowing everyone to let indulgences flow freely.

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No. 10.B.47/L, Raddolugama, Sri Lanka.
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About Traveler Ceylon Tours

About Traveler Ceylon Tours Team

Love the Nation, Passionate of dream job, Thrilled seeing Tourists visiting country…

All about Traveler Ceylon Tours starts with end of country’s civil war in 2009. Since peace restored in the country in 2009, our team of 5 members came up with the idea of thinking the big opportunities Sri Lanka will have due to conflict free nation. This idea became a reality in 2010 with the start of the business with a small inquiry counter in Colombo International Airport, Katunayake. Initially team’s idea was to mainly cater Asian and Australian travelers by providing transportation services. With the boom of tourism industry in the country business expanded and focused in providing one stop shop for tourists by organizing fully escorted tours. Therefore, our tours are fully fledged packages that kept our clients least worry about organizing and getting caught to scammers in an unknown part of the world.

After successful 9 years of operations, Traveler Ceylon Tours stands strong providing a unique and affordable service to travelers visiting Sri Lanka being the most innovative and far superior in providing excellent service to tourists from all over the world.

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Our team is passionate about traveling and collecting new experiences from all over the world. We have so many hopes and excitement of destinations we are to visit and keep all our faith in the travel agency we hired. Therefore, we know everything and every hope our travelers kept on our shoulders and we take it very seriously. Our team works exceptionally committed to delivering the dream vacation to you leaving you only to sit back, relax and enjoy the vacation. Our near-decade of experience in identifying exotic hotels with exceptional services, bringing you the most famous and off-the-beaten attractions, and not least; safety on road and clear guidance by skillful chauffeurs make your tour a joyful, relaxing, and safe lifetime memory. These fundamentals made Traveler Ceylon Tours shine as it is today and will rise every day collecting all the experiences and all the beauty of Sri Lanka.

– Sanjaya Amapola

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    No. 10.B.47/L, Raddolugama, Sri Lanka.

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